[VIDEO] Denisse Novoa Clarifies Her Controversial EXPULSION From Reality Show

The “Pantera” broke the silence about the scandal that linked her to alleged possession of drugs in the reality show Exatlón

Controversy surrounds once again the successful reality show the Exatlón United States, after the expulsion and suspension of several participants, was announced after violating the program’s rules. Today, one of those directly affected, Denisse Novoa, better known as ” La Pantera “, spoke on social networks about this situation. 

It was through a video shared in her ‘Stories’ on Instagram, where Denisse thanked the support of all her followers, who since the news was released have not stopped sending messages of support and encouragement to one of the athletes who It started off as one of the competition’s favorites. 

“How strange it feels to be back in the real world after so much and everything that happened. I want to thank you infinitely for all the support I have received. I have no words and I know that many people have been wanting answers”, said the former Team Contendientes

The response to his expulsion from Exatlón

Novoa pointed out that there are many things to clarify about the controversial situation that has left her without the opportunity to compete in reality, but this will be done in a live show next Thursday, April 15 at night, where there will also be time to answer questions from your audience. 

It should be remembered that this has not been the only publication that Denisse Novoa has made since he was expelled from Exatlón , because a few days ago he left an enigmatic message that gave one to understand the difficult situation he is going through at this point in her career. 

“Never let the ignorance or negativity of others demotivate you and cloud your own sun. People will judge, they will try to stop you and they will doubt you but as long as you stay true to yourself, your purpose, and your truth. everything else will be accommodated. Always trust the process, “said the athlete. 

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