Daddy Yankee Returns To Instagram And Announces A New Song (VIDEO)

Daddy Yankee will release his new single called “Problema”; He announced the song through a video in which he says that he will “revive reggaeton”

The singer Daddy Yankee is back on Instagram, after closing it for a brief period, and returned with the shocking news that tonight he is releasing his new single called “Problema.”

Through a video that Daddy Yankee announced at the launch of his new hit. In the recording, the interpreter of “Con Calma” appears speaking: “They say that reggaeton is dead, I can’t find the logic, but if that’s the case, I’ll relive it tonight.”

Right away a fragment of the song “Problema” is heard, in addition, Daddy Yankee shared the link of the streaming platforms to save the song and that they receive a notification when the song is published.

Daddy Yankee left Instagram to promote “Problema”

A few days ago Daddy Yankee worried his millions of fans around the world after he deleted his Instagram account.

However, he raised doubts because his Facebook and Twitter accounts were still active, and he published the following message: “The only thing that dies of reggaeton is the artists and producers, exclude me from that. I’m put pal ‘#Problema ”.

Finally, everything made sense when Daddy Yankee returned to Instagram with the announcement of his new single.

Daddy Yankee is one of the most important exponents of reggaeton, he was one of the first artists to achieve world fame with hits such as “Gasolina”, “She raised me”, “Rompe”, “Pose” , among others.

He has won several awards and his great musical collaborations include Janet Jackson, Snow, Luis Fonsi, and Marc Anthony, among others.


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