Cuban Actress Aurora Pita Dies In Havana

Veteran Spanish Cuban actress Aurora Pita died this Friday in Havana at the age of 84, according to a note from the Union of Artists and Writers of Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) , which did not specify the cause of death.

An actress with a wide historical record, Pita played the most dissimilar characters in her very long career. Among the most remembered stand out Doña Gertrudis, from the telenovela Sol de Batey (1985), and Gallega Catalina, from the telenovela El año que ven (1994).

Her work at the Havana radio station Radio Progreso includes the spaces Estudio 4La Novela de las dos, and Tu Novela de Amor.

Pita was born in La Coruña, Galicia, on July 15, 1936. At three months old, she arrived in Cuba accompanied by her mother.

Her artistic beginnings date back to Her childhood when she participated in events of the Galician community at the La Tropical brewery.

As a professional, her takeoff took place in the early 1950s, a stage marked by the arrival of television on the island, in which she was selected by the CARTV publication as the novel artist of 1952.

At that time, she won the favor of the viewers with the character of Purita in the comedy program A laugh fast, where she alternated with the legendary Guillermo Álvarez Guedes.

The actress became the favorite of children’s audiences when she starred in Aventuras, the space in which Los Vikingos and Enrique Lagardere starred, among other titles that made history in the 1960s and 1970s.

As for the stellar of the Grandes Novelas nights, Pita demonstrated her rank of the leading actress in The Enchanted Soul. Not counting the character of Isabel I in the televised version of the play María Estuardo, which was presented by the ICRT Theater space.

Her time on the stage includes The Importance of Being Called Ernesto and The Man in Viper’s Skin.

In the cinema she participated in The Big Boodle ( La pandilla del soborno, 1957), starring Errol Flynn, and in the short film series Crematorios , directed by Juan Carlos Cremata.

Among the list of distinctions that Aurora Pita received is the Order for National Culture, Emeritus Artist of Radio and Television of Cuba, and the recognition Don Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, granted by the Federation of Spanish Societies.


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