Contestants In EXATLON USA: Who Would Be Injured

It is definitive, the fifth season of the competition program, Exatlon United States, has been one full of unexpected situations, numerous injuries, reinforcements from other seasons, even a significant number of athletes suspended and expelled for breaking the strict rules of the program. After the fourth edition, we thought that this would be calm, but nothing has been further from the truth.

Unexpected reinforcements

In a season as particular as the current one, it is part of the routine to expect the unexpected, and that is why last week that began on May 24, new reinforcements arrived to the competition, who only have the word “new” fact that they are being incorporated when the delivery is well advanced since they are familiar faces that have already left an indelible mark on the history of the successful Telemundo television format.

They are about the Colombian Olympic legend, Jorge Hugo Giraldo, who joined Team Famosos, and the Spanish “Superman”, Andoni García, who became part of the Contestants. García is very familiar with the Exatlon United States, as the audience witnessed how he progressed in his first run during the second season, reaching the grand finale. Then in the “Season Tournament” of the fourth season, and now as a reinforcement of his blue team, and boy was that, magnificent support to promote the Contestants, who lived a very long losing streak, which seems to have completed after this important incorporation.


The good run of the blues Would it be about to come to an end?

In the different YouTube channels for fans of the competition, who usually share first-hand information and verified with accurate sources, they shared worrying news for the followers of Team Azul, and it is that apparently an important athlete of the team in real-time would be injured, and everything indicates that this could be Andoni García.

information about a possible member of Team Contendientes who would be injured, but they had not been able to identify who it would be, it was only known that it was one of the men.

Well, this unknown seems to have come to an end, when a follower of the channel, anonymously, shared that the injured athlete is Andoni García and that it would be a serious blow that he would have suffered, even mentioning a potential exit of the Spanish from the competition.

Let us remember that since Andoni joined the blue team, the winning streak has returned to them, taking advantage of a weakened red team and emotionally affected by the abrupt suspension of two of its strong men: Jeyvier Cintrón and Jacobo García, who apparently would have failed to comply. the rules of the program, but it is expected that they will return to add points for their team on the day of May 31.

Andoni García’s situation has not yet been confirmed with our official sources, but having more information we will share.

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