Chuy Almada Had A Difficult Health Problem. What Happened To The EXATLON EEUU Athlete

Among the many athletes who have participated in the different seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, there are several faces that have been recorded among the fans of the Telemundo sports reality show. One of them is Chuy Almada, the Mexican coach who has taken for granted his commitment to the Exatlon United States since he set foot in the Dominican Republic during the first season, where he later returned as a coach, and eventually as a participant in the fourth season.

In his last experience with the Exatlon United States, Chuy, nicknamed “El Toro” for his strength on the circuits, made clear his strength and skill, which was cut short by an outbreak of COVID-19 that forced him to take strict rest and returned for a few days as he was not 100% restored, but that did not stop him. Once he left Exatlon United States, “El Toro Almada” continued sharing his rigorous exercise routines, his day-to-day life, and his preparation for the most challenging challenge. an important part of his life, that of becoming a father with his wife Diana Avilés, of a little boy who is about to be born and will be called Jesus.

But despite leading a very healthy life, and being a fan of staying in good health, Almada recently experienced a tough moment of health, which he did not hesitate to share with his followers, as a warning.

What happened to Chuy Almada?

In a video that he shared through the stories on his profile on the social network Instagram, Chuy Almada not only revealed that he is asthmatic, but that he suffered a strong attack that affected him a lot, but that thanks to his inhaler, he was able to overcome it quickly.

“Pretend that you start to breathe in an empty bag, and each time you breathe less and you start to despair, my lungs filled up fast but I needed more oxygen, it was exasperating.” Chuy Almada indicated in the video.

The reactions of the concerned fans to the situation of Chuy Almada did not wait: “Hello, chuy, how good are you? I wish it to anyone but I am glad that you are better take good care of yourself a hug from PR “said a fanatic.

While another even asked him to rest and recommended not to train so much: “Take care Chuy, you have a wonderful family Health when it begins in Being human you have to take care of it and stop doing so much sport Take care of your wife and child.”

We are sure that there is something in particular that will make Chuy Almada very happy, and that is that within the next few days he and his wife Diana will meet their little baby who is about to arrive in the world.

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