Panamanian singer Jaime Murrell died this Thursday, February 4. The news was confirmed on Murrell’s official Instagram account.

The composer also fought for several days against Covid-19, according to several Christian media and colleagues from the industry. Information revealed that he had been receiving medical care since the end of January.

“We announced that Jaime Murrell graduated today, just as he always said: ‘The day I die, is the day of my graduation.’ Jaime Murrell, an exemplary husband and father, a good friend, a passionate worshiper and preacher ”, begins the message shared on the artist’s official account .

The singer-songwriter was known for songs like “Te pido la paz”, “Yo quiero más de ti”, “En tu presencia”, among others.

His career spanned 45 years as a prolific singer and composer since the nineties, where he participated with other references such as Marcos Witt, Marco Barrientos, Danilo Montero, among others.

After the announcement of the death, several Christian artists shared messages for the singer’s family on their social networks.

“We thank the Lord for gifting us with this vessel that always honored His Name and influenced an entire generation to love the presence of God. Today we honor the memory of our dear @jaimemurrell and pray for peace and strength for his family. I want to decrease so that YOU can grow ”, shared the members of the group Miel San Marcos along with several photographs of the singer.

Murrell began his career in the 1970s. The Panamanian performed tracks for a secular music group called The Mozambiques.

Years later he became one of the most recognized Christian music singers in Latin America.


Who was he?

Jaime Murrell was a faithful follower of Christ. he met Jesus in 1977, the year he accepted the Lord and made a commitment to dedicate his talents exclusively to God. In 1993, he began preparations for a recording of praise and worship that took place in the Cathedral of the town in Miami, in which Marcos Witt would be the main vocalist, however, the day before the recording due to an electrical storm, together They began to worship the Lord spontaneously while waiting for everything to return to normal. The option of those moments of adoration gave way to Jaime being part of the recording “Grandes son tus maravillas”.

” From then on, Jaime fully served the Lord and traveled the world “Reaching the Nations” with his music and teaching. In 1997 he recorded “Preparad el camino” with which he expressed the joy and gratitude of a heart that yearns to praise God and knows how to wait on him. Among his recordings of Jaime at the end of 1997 are “Prepare the road” with Marcos Witt, a work that was recorded live in Jerusalem. And 1998 in Torreón, Mexico the project “Quiero alabar” was recorded.

Already in 2000 his first recording “Prometo amarte” was released, which was nominated for “Premio Dove” as Best Latin album of the year together with other worshipers in 2001. A year later,, the songs led him to be known around the world. It was released by Vida Music and Piedra Angular in October 2004. The video for “I want more of you” was also recorded in Russia. And in the same year 2004, Jaime was nominated for the Arpa Awards as “Best Male Singer”.

Jaime Murrell Dies

In 2005, he made a compilation of the songs, which he called “Para mis amigos” and launched his musical label Murrell Music. And with Codisco in October 2005, he launched another Praise and Worship project called “Da la mano”, as well as the tracks from the album “25 años de Ministerio”. Jaime is an excellent vocalist, but even more, he knows how to motivate the congregation to enter the presence of the Lord. He did not consider himself as a Christian singer but as a Worshiper of the Almighty.

He always said that his intention was to be able to communicate that we should not worship the Lord for what He can give us, but for what He is- “Our Father who loves us in a way that our mind cannot understand, adoration and praise are expressions of love and gratitude. It is a time of celebration when we realize that God is great. The reason some people cannot worship in spirit and in truth is that they do not really know who He is. Those who do, will choose to bow down before Him, “said Murrell.

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