Carolina Sandoval Receives A Vaccine Against COVID-19: How Is She Doing?

Carolina Sandoval joins the list of personalities from the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry who have received the vaccine against COVID-19. The Venezuelan television presenter was eligible as a high-risk population for being a thyroid cancer survivor.

Through the publication of a video on her official account on Instagram, Sandoval announced that she received the first dose of Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19 in an establishment in Miami, the city where she currently resides.

“I get vaccinated because I want all of us to live once again in a world where arms and kisses on the cheek are a sign of affection and how important a person is to you,” said the charismatic communicator on her Instagram profile.

Currently, Carolina Sandoval is in good health after receiving the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

“I am very happy to be part of the people who have already been vaccinated. I, for example, a thyroid cancer survivor, had surgery ten years ago; Six years ago I was given cancer-free and, on the recommendation of my doctor, I received a note to be able to get vaccinated. I did it with my husband, who also has certain medical conditions, “said the interpreter in an interview with People en Español magazine.

Sandoval urged the Hispanic community in the United States to get vaccinated against COVID-19: “I want to invite, regarding my vaccination today, everyone to do it. In fact, the reason why I wanted to share this moment is to invite all the people who are in the different states, obviously, my Hispanic community, to be motivated and not wait for another person to get vaccinated to be able to enter this process ”.

The also actress has repeatedly made a conscious call to her thousands of followers on digital platforms to comply with social distancing and with the correct use of masks to stop the high numbers of people infected with the virus.

Carolina Sandoval spoke with Dr. Fauci about the risk of contagion with COVID-19 in the Hispanic community

“La Venenosa” recently received an invitation from the White House to hold an exclusive conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci to promote vaccination against COVID-19 in the Hispanic community in the United States. Faced with the proposal, the also businesswoman was fascinated to be able to talk with the specialist about topics of interest in relation to the virus.

“I want to point out that Hispanics and African Americans have a higher risk of becoming infected, and of having a severe disease,” mentioned Dr. Fauci in the conversation he had exclusively with Carolina Sandoval for his digital show ‘El lunche con Caro’.

The American doctor specializing in immunology continued to declare to the Venezuelan star that misinformation about COVID-19 has caused Hispanics to limit themselves to getting vaccinated against the virus: “The truth is that in the Hispanic community, misinformation is preventing people from getting the vaccine. It is a very dangerous thing because if people do not get vaccinated, they are putting people at risk, their family at risk and the entire Hispanic community at risk ”.

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