Carolina Novoa, wife of Edgardo del Villar: What you need to know

Carolina Novoa is the wife of the late journalist Edgardo del Villar. She was by her husband’s side throughout his battle with brain cancer. “Rest in peace! You will forever be my Blue Prince! “, She wrote in the caption Novoa shared this Sunday, December 13, on her Instagram account. Below you can see the black and white image, in which you can see the moment when they swore eternal love, in 2019.

According to psychologist Fatima Castano, many couples break their relationships when diagnoses such as cancer arise, while Carolina remained faithful to her love for the Telemundo 47 presenter, and together they faced the tough battle until the end. “Both my family in my house and that of Telemundo 47, have been by my side since the beginning of this process, and I could not ask for stronger, more compassionate and more loving people than them, ” Del Villar said in November of 2019, to I Love Mama .

Carolina Novoa is a Colombian journalist

Carolina Novoa is one of the South Florida reporters and news anchors. According to her biography, she says the following : “She was born in Washington DC but grew up in Colombia, where She studied Social Communication and Journalism. Later She did a master’s degree in International Relations from Columbia University in New York and Science Po in Paris.

Carolina began her television career when she was only 17 years old, as a news reporter for RCN Televisión. Two years later she went on to present Las mañanas , the morning news program of the international news channel NTN 24. At the age of 24 she returned to live in the United States, where she began working as a talent and producer for Caracol Radio in Miami. In September 2013, she entered Telemundo51 as host of the morning magazine Good Morning Miami and First Edition of News from 5-7am, for two years. Carolina is currently the only Spanish-speaking court reporter in Miami, which led to her being the winner of an Emmy Award and being nominated multiple times for the same award. “

Carolina Novoa had no children with Edgardo del Villar; She has a sister

Carolina Novoa had no children with Edgardo del Villar. he did have a daughter from his previous relationship (above Del Villar with his daughter Dana). On the other hand, Novoa has a sister named Andrea Novoa. Together they have a YouTube channel with more than 3,000 followers . The channel is called Feed your Soul with the Novoa Sisters . “Our channel! Here you will find everything you need to start your path towards physical and spiritual healing ”, is what the sisters describe in the channel’s profile.

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In addition, Carolina has more than 300 thousand followers on her Instagram account. In which she shares many selfies and unforgettable moments with her late husband Edgardo del Villar.

According to the images on her Instagram account, Carolina and Del Villar got engaged in November 2018. “A new stage of my life has begun and walking it with you Carolina is a blessing,” Del Villar wrote in the first photo she shared with her beloved on her Instagram account. In the photo you can already see that she is wearing an engagement ring. Below you can see the photo.

Edgardo Del Villar passed away this December 13

Edgardo del Villar, the beloved presenter of Telemundo 47, died this Sunday, December 13, according to NBC New York . “Edgardo del Villar was a talented journalist and a talented storyteller with a smile that lit up the screen. We were amazed as he battled an incurable disease with remarkable determination; pushing yourself to the limit, getting back on the air throughout your treatment, and staying positive and optimistic throughout the entire process. He was our inspiration and we love him, “said Cristina Schwarz, president and CEO of Telemundo 47.” The family of our station extends its condolences to Edgardo’s mother, his brothers, his wife Carolina and his beloved daughter Dana. “

Del Villar lost the battle with cancer, one that was in his brain.

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