Carmen de la Maza Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Carmen de la Maza passed away on January 14, 2022, after years of suffering from a long illness.

Carmen belonged to a family deeply linked to the artistic world. Her grandmother was Concha Espina, her father the concert guitar player Regino Sainz de la Maza, and Víctor de la Serna was her uncle.

She decided to dedicate herself to theater, studying at the School of Dramatic Art in Madrid. After participating in some assemblies of the Los Juglares group, she made her professional debut in 1959 with Exercise for five fingers, under the orders of González Vergel. She only performed it in Madrid because her parents did not let him go on tour.

Like so many actresses of her generation, she has a scant filmography. Barely a dozen films including The Birds of Baden-Baden, Beyond the Garden, and Airbag. Still in 2010, she shot Todo lo que tú tú tú que tú .

Her career was forged in the theater and on Spanish Television. In that medium, she debuted in 1963 with a recording of Tío Vania. Later, numerous programs from Estudio 1 would come and, above all, desktop novels that made her a very popular actress. Almost thirty years after her appearance on television, TVE again allowed him to revive her popularity with the Juncal series, along with Paco Rabal. In it, Carmen gave life to the wife abandoned by the bullfighter, with whom she intends to return in old age.

After working on numerous theatrical productions for private companies, she decided to found her own, Retablo, directed by José Díaz. For nine years she produced some commercially risky productions: El vaudeville de la pálida, pálida rosa, Mariana Pineda, ¡Oh, Penélope!, and Eleagle with two heads .

Considered to be one of the most elegant actresses on the Spanish stage, the 21st century had already begun and she barely worked in theater. She did Autumn with the Family, 2000, and Goodnight, Mother, 2006.

She was married to Agustín Navarro, film director, pioneer of TVE, and professor at the Film School. They had three children. Agustín passed away in 2001. Some time later Carmen coincided with José Luis López Vázquez by making a substitution in Cena para dos . The actors began a relationship that lasted until the death of José Luis in 2009. In recent weeks Carmen was collaborating in the program of events planned to commemorate the centenary of the actor’s birth.

Carmen Sainz de la Maza was born in San Sebastián on August 23, 1940. She died in Madrid on January 14, 2022.

The last good-bye

The AISGE Foundation (Performing Artists, Management Society) reported through its Twitter account that the mortal remains of the actress from San Sebastian will be veiled on January 15 at the Madrid funeral home on the M-30, at 12:00 p.m. Some well-known faces, such as Santiago Segura, have wanted to have a memory: “I saw her for the first time in the series ‘Juncal’ and she was the mother of Javier Gutiérrez and mine in ‘ The amazing world of Borja Mari and Pocholo ‘. An endearing woman, my condolences to her family,” published the director.

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