“Today a great friend has left. Soul of LOS40 and an inspiration to all. You will always be our Number 1, Rest in Peace Carlos Lore

Carlos Lorente, deputy director since 2020 of the radio program ‘Los 40 Principales’ and producer of ‘Anda Ya’ from 2006 and 2010, has died suddenly at the age of 48.

“Today a great friend has left. Soul of LOS40, a passionate music lover and an inspiration to all. You will always be our Number 1. All the love for his family and friends. Rest in Peace,” the account reported on Twitter. Los40 official the death of Carlos Lorente.

His radio colleagues say goodbye to Carlos Lorente

One of the first to say goodbye to Carlos Lorente was Frank Blanco, his partner for many years in ‘Anda Ya’: “Oh Carlos, although in my heart you will always be Charlie … You left this morning too soon, without life I will warn you, without being able to say goodbye, and without us having that pending reunion. I will never forget you.

“Our favorite photo, our battle cry, and the most beautiful smile in the world 20 years with you have seemed like a sigh. It only consoles me that it was eternally clear to you how much I love you. Rest in peace, my child, my adoption handkerchief, brother, and life partner, “his partner Patricia Imaz shared on Twitter.

“My dear Charlie, you have left leaving me with a broken soul. Few have I known in this life with such passion for Los40 and music. You came into the world four days later than me and the time I stay here I will always remember you with a smile. Have a good trip Carlos “, tweeted his partner Tony Aguilar.

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