Callejeros Guitarist Dies Of A Heart Attack While Playing A Soccer Game

The ex-guitarist of the Callejeros bandMaximiliano Djerfydied this Friday after having suffered a heart attack while playing soccer with friends.

The news began to circulate through social networks on Saturday, where the followers of the musician, who was 46 years old, mourned the loss and sent condolences to the family.

Djerfy had spent five years in prison for the Cro-Magnon tragedy, where he lost five family members. Far from giving up, as soon as he got free joined former bandmates Elio Delgado (guitar) and Juancho Carbone (saxophone) to found Nuestra Raza. The group began playing four months after the musicians left the Ezeiza prison for the first time. However, in April 2016, when the Supreme Court rejected their appeals and they were forced to go back behind bars, they had to put a stop to the project.

In November 2017, after serving their sentence, they returned to the ring. “We started with a labor issue. It came about because they called me for a festival in El Chocón in December 2014; they wanted a band that would play the themes of Callejeros. Elio was with Juan doing something, they told me if I wanted to participate and there we got together ”, the guitarist told LA NACION at the end of 2019. With Pablo Fontanive and Roberto Nicastro on bass and drums, respectively, the group began to forge its own identity.

“People go for the Callejeros songs, obviously, but they tell us that we are the essence and that the new songs are great. Sometimes they shout that we play a song called ‘Por nacer’, as if it were from Callejeros. Little by little, we are forming our own public ”, said the guitarist during his talk with this medium.

In addition to Nuestra Raza, Djerfy was the leader of Esas Cosas , a band that he formed in 2008 with Rodolfo Damore, Pablo Fontanive and Ivan Godoy, just after leaving Callejeros.

Although he maintained an excellent friendship with Delgado and Carbone, the musician had cut ties with Patricio Fontanet and bassist Christian Torrejón. “There is no relationship. I don’t have anybody’s phone number or anything like that. We saw each other the last times we were imprisoned and then… each one supports his family, tries to go out and find the mango as he can, ”he revealed.

Djerfy was in a relationship and was the father of a five-year-old girl named Alicia.

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