Brother Of Singer Alfredo Olivas And His Family Are Killed In Zapopan

Around 12:00 hours this Saturday in Zapopan Jalisco, the brother of singer Alfredo Oliva was murdered along with his family.

In Zapopan, Jalisco, Irving Olivas, brother of singer Alfredo Olivas, was assassinated, along with his wife and 2-year-old son, in a direct attack. only two people survived the attack

The attack against the black Cadillac Escala pickup truck, model 2021, with license plates, JSJ-5870 was registered at the intersection of Periférico Norte and Avenida 5 de Mayo, in the San Juan de Ocotán neighborhood, municipality of Zapopan, where Several heavily armed individuals blocked their way and began to shoot at them from different cardinal points and then withdrew.

Elements of the Zapopan Police Station went to the place and located the truck against the subway retaining wall that is located at the aforementioned crossing, full of bullet wounds on all sides and inside 5 people, including two minors. , all with firearm impacts.

It was necessary the intervention of specialists in medical emergencies from the Municipal Medical Services who reviewed the 3 adults discovering that the driver and a woman no longer had vital signs, in the same way, they treated the two minors, including a 1-year-old baby 8 months, who received bullet wounds that cost him his life, while the second 4-year-old had a gunshot wound to one of his hands.

The injured were taken to a medical unit to be treated, the woman said she was the family employee, while the minor was the son of the deceased.

Personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences went to the place, who carried out the gathering of evidence and began with the first investigations to try to find the whereabouts of those responsible.


Through a statement, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported that an investigation folder has been initiated into the death of the three people and that they were attacked with firearms, while they were driving their vehicle in the municipality of Zapopan.

They detailed that the reports of the emergency medical technicians confirmed the death of two men, one of legal age and the other a minor, as well as a woman at the scene

Alfredo Olivas Brother died
The van in which the family was transported was found against a retaining wall and around 25 bullet wounds (Photo: Twitter / @jaliscorojo)

Alfredo Olivas Brother died

Alfredo Olivas Brother died
Most of the shots were directed at the driver’s door and the windshield (Photo: Twitter / @jaliscorojo)

The official said that just as happened when the attack against Olivas Rojas’s father, Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, in December 2018, this time there has not been a great disposition to hasten the motivations and those responsible for the homicides registered on April 17, on Periférico avenue in the Puerta del Valle neighborhood.

“If you remember, they have had some previous incidents there, this family, where they have suffered some attacks. On that occasion there was not much collaboration in this regard, this time it is a more or less similar circumstance, however, the corresponding areas are working on obtaining data, if the family collaborates it would be much faster, however, the investigation is progressing ”, Said Solís Gómez.

Regarding the failed execution against Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, alias Chapo Alfredo, and the events of the weekend, the prosecutor did not rule out that there was a direct connection, although it will be determined by the investigations.

” We do not leave aside that it is a question of father and son, then it could be the case that there is a direct connection, but of course the investigation will be the one that determines and if there were data provided by the family, it would help a lot to establish the connection or investigate it separately ”, he reiterated.

Alfredo Olivas Brother died

It should be remembered that the attacks against Alfredo Olivas and his family began in 2015 when the singer appeared at a concert in Parral, Chihuahua, where he was also shot. On December 14, 2018, the singer’s father, Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, was injured by a bullet impact when he was attacked in front of his house.

By December 24, ten days after this first attack, while the wounded man was recovering at the Santa María Chapalita hospital in Zapopan, armed men tried to enter to finish off Alfredito Olivas’s father. The subjects were repelled and died. According to local media, the family altered the scene by lifting the caps that were left from the confrontation.

On December 31 of that same year, alleged rivals of Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela hung a narcomanta on the pedestrian bridge of the El Campanario neighborhood, on López Mateos avenue, at the intersection with Agua Marina in Zapopan.

That narco-message accused that the attacks had been against Olivas Valenzuela, identified as Chapo Alfredo. It was also indicated that the people killed in the hospital were hitmen and were not bodyguards. Presumably, this capo is the chief of a plaza in southern Sonora and was hiding in Zapopan.


Step By Step: This Was The Brutal Attack Against Alfredito Olivas’s Family In Zapopan

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