Bahian Singer Lanna Rizzi Dies At 26 Years Of Covid-19

The artist’s body was buried on this farm in Ipiaú, in the south of the state

The Bahian singer and songwriter Lanna Rizzi died this Thursday (29), aged 26, as a result of complications from Covid-19.

“It is with a lot of pain and with a broken heart that I communicate to all of you that our star did not resist the consequences of the virus and left this morning. Our family appreciates all the affection, prayers and positive energy sent all this time. We will continue to pray for her to have a passage of light and for all those committed by this treacherous disease”, says the official statement.

The burial took place this afternoon at the Jardim da Saudade 1 Cemetery, in Ipiaú, in the interior of the state.

Lanna was a frequent presence in Salvador, where she always appeared among friends and in small get-togethers.

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