Arcángel’s Brother Dies In A Tragic Traffic Accident

Brother of Arcángel dies at 21; Justin Santos was in a car accident.

Brother of Arcángel dies at 21 years of age; Justin Santos was the victim of a car accident while visiting Puerto Rico.

The death of Justin Santos, Arcángel’s brother, occurred at dawn this Sunday, November 21; According to the reports, everything happened on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in Puerto Rico.

Arcángel’s brother was driving a Can-Am type vehicle when he was hit head-on by a Hyundai Tucson, driven at high speed by an apparent drunk person.

Justin Santos was thrown from his vehicle, dying almost instantly from injuries caused by the accident; his companion was also expelled, suffering serious injuries.

Lieutenant Elvis Zeno, deputy director of the Traffic Bureau; He pointed out after the first analysis that Arcángel’s brother and his partner were not wearing seat belts.

María E. Nevárez Torres, the driver of the Hyundai Tucson that collided with Arcángel’s brother’s Can-Am, was taken to the hospital to attend to her injuries and placed at the disposal of the authorities.

Archangel spoke about his brother’s death on Instagram.

Archangel spoke about his brother's death on Instagram.

It was until the morning of this Sunday, November 21, that Arcángel spoke about the death of his brother Justin Santos, through his stories on Instagram.

Archangel pointed out that he is not in a position to demand anything from God; however, he asks for the strength to understand and face the loss of his brother.

Arcángel comments that he knows that this is one of the many lessons that God has given him on his way; Still, it’s “Hit low and hard,” hence it needs your understanding.

Apart from the above, neither Arcángel, representatives, nor family have made a statement about the death of Justin Santos.

It is likely that we will not see anything related by Arcángel until a few days after the mourning for what happened.

Rest in peace, Justin Santos.

With information from Instagram and El vocero.

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