The recordings of ‘Pa’ Quererte ‘are nearing their end and this is one of the characters that will not continue in history.

Since ‘Pa’ Quererte ‘ returned to the main channel of Canal RCN’, viewers have made it one of the most loved and successful productions on Colombian television today.

However, this soap opera has given a lot to talk about in recent weeks because several of its characters have left, including the most beloved ones, generating a certain disgust among viewers.

Weeks ago the character of Verónica came to an end, in plot the character played by Cecilia ‘Chichila’ Navia dies. Now it turns out that another main character of ‘Pa’ Quererte ‘says goodbye to the dramatized.

It is about Juliette Pardau, who gave life to Daniela Daza. Recently, through her Instagram stories, she reported that she has already finished filming for the RCN show. In fact, she shared a video in which she expresses the following message through tears:

“They will have told you many times, but this, because in these we need each other and each one is a fundamental piece, although sometimes we feel that we do it is not so important, everything is important. I was checking my email and the first time I had a rehearsal as Dani was in February 2019, so I celebrated two years with this character ”.

About the images, the actress also wrote these words: “ I can’t believe that I recorded my last scene in Pa ‘Quererte. Thank you team! Only beautiful things leave me this project ”.

To remember, the death of Verónica’s character caused quite a stir in networks, Chichila Navia spoke in a video published on her Instagram account referring to the reactions and messages that have reached her after the death of her character in ‘Pa’ Quererte’.

“I know that many of you have written to me telling me that it is not fair, that you are angry, that you do not think that Veronica is dying, I understand, it is a painful story, that it is a difficult story and that although it is put into the fiction of a television series, it is not fiction ”, expressed the actress.

She says that she was also taken by surprise when they told her about the production of the novel that the librettists made the decision that Verónica should die. Navia explains that this was decided keeping in mind that the main theme of the production is fatherhood and that they needed Toño’s character to have a lesson.

As for the other characters that will come out of the novel, Juliana Galvis, ‘Lola’ in the program, revealed with a video that she shared on her Instagram account confirmed the information.

In the video it is possible to see how they call her, Carlos Camacho (‘Toño’) and Marianela González (Luisa Ortega), these actors are given a bouquet of flowers by the production, and the director thanked them for have been part of the team, since with their talent they managed to transmit the message of ‘Pa’ Quererte ‘.

At that moment, surrounded by her colleagues, Galvis expresses: “I have a lot of guava to leave”, in addition, the actress clarified that the entire team had to be tested for Covid-19 before the recordings, fortunately, they came out negative.

Although the cast is already in the final recordings, there are still a few months for viewers to continue enjoying this soap opera.

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