Ana Parra became one of the most beloved athletes in the fifth season of EXATLON USA, which was eventually won by Norma Palafox.

The former member of the Contending team, who suffered a trick, after being injured in the semifinal round, where she hit her nose and neck, will speak this Wednesday, September 1, in a live with Mauricio Ginestra, through the official website by the EXATLON United States of

If you want to find out live from Ana Parra what her passage through the Telemundo competition meant to her, which she entered, as she said, by “a divine sign”, and to suggest your questions, go to this link now.

In the talk with her audience, the 25-year-old Colombian, not only said she felt very honored by all the affection that her fans have shown her, but also by knowing that she had the admiration of so many people that she never thought she had.

About her future, the athlete confessed that for now, she is trying to assimilate her new life, which began with her move from the city of Boston, where she lived at the beginning of the program, to Miami, where she currently resides.

In another live that the athlete did this week with her fans, through her Instagram account, the former contestant answered one of the big questions that they do not stop asking her, about whether she thinks that if she had reached the final with Norma Palafox, I would have beaten the Mexican, to which Ana said:

“Exatlon is something where anyone can beat anyone. I got to a point where I never imagined that I could have gotten there, and if I got there, I feel like it’s because there was talent. In the final, anything can happen. There are many things at stake, it is not only that you are fast, that you have a lot of resistance, that you have the best aim. Pressure, nerves, and scares are also handled a lot. So it’s an awesome game of things and Palafox is a completely strong woman. She is one of the best athletes, so I don’t know (if she could have beaten her) ”.



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