Ana Obregón’s Mother Dies At 95

Ana María Obregón Navarro , the mother of actress Ana García Obregón  (66 years old), died this Saturday, May 22 at the age of 95. In the middle of last April, the mother of the also presenter had to be admitted urgently to a hospital in Madrid due to health problems that, finally, she has not been able to overcome. 

Navarro had been suffering from health complications for a long time (in 2017 she had to undergo a heart operation), and in April she had to be admitted urgently to a Madrid clinic after suffering a stroke. She had been discharged from the hospital just a few weeks ago. During her stay in the hospital, she received constant visits from many members of her large family.

The interpreter’s mother was married to businessman Antonio García, and together they had five children: Ana, Celia, Amalia, Javier, and Juan Antonio. In total, Navarro also had eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Obregón adored her mother. On her last birthday, last June, she dedicated some heartfelt words to her: “A mother is a person who knows the song of your heart and sings it to you when you forget the lyrics. Dear Mom, thank you for opening the door of this life and fill it with love. I need you by my side for many more years ,  she wrote then.

So far, the cause of Ana Obregón Navarro’s death is unknown. However, it is ruled out that it was due to Covid-19, taking into account that both she and her husband, Antonio García, have long received the vaccine against the disease.

It was on February 26 when her most popular daughter, very excited, revealed on her social networks that her parents, Antonio García and Ana María Obregón , had been vaccinated against Covid-19. Happy and relieved, through an   Instagram story in which her parents posed for the camera smiling and holding hands, Ana Obregón wrote:  “They finally vaccinated my parents!”

On February 18, Ana Obregón congratulated her father on his 95th birthday. And in her words of affection, how could it be otherwise, she cited her mother, her great support, her cane, the woman of her life, with whom her father has spent almost seven decades.

” 68 years of love.  I would give the rest of my life to be able to celebrate it all together as always, but I am sure that someone from heaven is singing you happy birthday. Someone who admired you and loved you very much like all your children, grandchildren and great-grandson “, expressed Ana, in a clear allusion to her son, Alex, who died of cancer that he fought for two years and two months.


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