Ana María Canseco’s Mother Passed Away

“With immense sadness today we had to say goodbye to my mother, words cannot describe how much we are going to miss her,” said the journalist

Sad news for the entertainment world, the mother of Ana María Canseco passed away, a little over a year ago she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later complicated with Alzheimer’s.

Her partner and friend, Neida Sandoval, dedicated words of support and strength to him in these difficult times.

Her smile is her greatest hallmark, but Ana María Canseco has put it aside after suffering one of the most painful losses for anyone: that of her beloved mother.

Through her friend and soul mate, Neida Sandoval, the death of Ara, the journalist’s sweet and beautiful mother, was confirmed.

Along with a photo of both colleagues, Neida dedicated these heartfelt words to him in a message full of love, strength, and support.

“Anita, my heart is with you. I hug you from Miami to San Antonio. It is not an easy day for you and your beloved family,” begins the emotional writing.

“I admire you and my prayers are with you so that you find peace in the midst of your pain. I will always remember Ara for her warmth, wisdom, and sweetness in each of our encounters. Rest in peace your beloved mother my dear Anita and shine for Ara perpetual light! “, added the communicator.

Ana María had started a new life in San Antonio with her mom after two decades of living in Miami. The reason was none other than being close to her mother due to her weakened state of health.
“In large part, I did it because of the deterioration of my mother’s health, after the pandemic I realized that we do not have bought life and that the important thing was to be physically closer to the family and I packed up and said goodbye to my dear Miami, not without a lump in my throat, “she explained exclusively to People en Español this year.

Ara became the person to whom she would dedicate much of her time and care. She didn’t think twice, she packed her bags and went to the side of the woman who gave him life. “It is here in my house, in San Antonio, where I have to be right now.”

Today she says goodbye to her with deep sadness but with the satisfaction that she was by her side without separating from her like the wonderful daughter that she is. All the love and sincere affection for you, dear Ana María, and for your family in these delicate moments.

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