Fraile (Madrid, 1943) began his work as the singer’s representative after his victory at the 1968 Benidorm Festival with ‘Life continues to be the same, and was with him until 1984 when he took off internationally.

Alfredo Fraile, who was Julio Iglesias’ representative from 1969 to 1984, during the early years of the singer’s career and his international takeoff, died this Friday in Madrid at the age of 78 due to covid-19, as confirmed by sources close to him. to the family.

Fraile (Madrid, 1943) began his work as a representative of Julio Iglesias shortly after his victory at the Benidorm Festival in 1968 with the theme ‘Life is still the same and shortly before his second place at the Eurovision Song Contest. 1970 with ‘Gwendolyne’.

With that single translated into several languages, the international career of the singer began to timidly take off, who in 1971 already made his first tour of Latin America and who persevered in different foreign markets in successive years until his definitive leap to the American market as of 1978, when he settled in Miami.

” Julio’s success is his and mine, both of us. I know what I did for him and what I forced him to do,” Friar came to comment to Efe in an interview after the publication of his book ‘Unspeakable Secrets’. in which he revealed the avatars shared with the Spanish music star, but also with other well-known names.

In fact, after his 15 years with the interpreter of ‘I forgot to live’, with whom he said he had slept “more nights” than with his wife, he tried to reproduce with Bertín Osborne the same leap to the US market that he had achieved with Churches.

Back in Madrid, he later became the communication advisor to former President of the Government Adolfo Suárez and later put himself at the service of the Popular Alliance in the years of Manuel Fraga and Antonio Hernández Mancha.

As a representative of Javier de la Rosa on the board of directors of Telecinco, he was one of the 38 accused in 1997 by the then judge of the National Court Baltasar Garzón during the investigation of an alleged tax fraud of 2,000 million detected in the chain.

In those years, his relationship with the businessman led him to trial for other scandals, such as Grand Tibidabo and the Torras-KIO case, but he was finally exonerated of all the crimes he was charged with.

It was not his only contact with the business and political world, as he also collaborated for 10 years with the Italian Silvio Berlusconi, whom he said had been his “best boss”.

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