Alberto Fujimori, Hospitalized For Respiratory Problems

According to Keiko, her 82-year-old father tested negative for a rapid covid-19 antigen test on Friday night.

The octogenarian former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori underwent tests in a clinic this Saturday to determine if the cause of his respiratory problems is due to covid-19, reported his daughter Keiko Fujimori.

“He is undergoing a series of analyzes to understand why the low oxygen saturation” that he presents these days when he breathes, Keiko told RPP radio about the health of her father, admitted after a medical check-up on Friday.

According to Keiko, her 82-year-old father tested negative for a rapid covid-19 antigen test on Friday night, but doctors prefer to wait for the result of a more reliable PCR test to rule out an eventual contagion of the respiratory virus.

“The last few days he has been sleeping (assisted) with oxygen,” said the eldest daughter of the clan, 45, and current Peruvian presidential candidate.

Fujimori has been admitted to the Japanese Peruvian Centennial Clinic since Friday when prison agents took him to a check-up from the police base east of Lima, where he is serving a 25-year sentence for crimes against humanity and corruption.

Of Japanese origin, Fujimori has repeatedly suffered from respiratory and neurological problems (facial paralysis) and hypertension. He has been in prison since 2007.

A Peruvian court had declared unfounded in May 2020 a family appeal requesting the release of Fujimori due to the risk that he will be infected with coronavirus due to his age and health conditions.

The resolution highlighted that Fujimori is the only inmate at the police base, so there is no probability of overcrowding and contagion, as occurs in other prisons in the South American country.

Peru accumulates 49,897 deaths from covid-19, with 1.4 million confirmed cases. (I)

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