Actress Marilyn Pupo’s Husband Dies

Eduardo Penedo was related to the television industry.

Eduardo Penedo, husband of the actress and entertainer Marilyn Pupo, and who for many years was related to the television industry, died yesterday, according to the couple’s friend, Alexandra Malagón.

“My soul is still sad, very sad … Today I receive another sad news. My dear friend Eddie Penedo was ahead of us.

A gentleman in every sense of the word. An intelligent, elegant man, a wonderful husband to my dear friend Marilyn Pupo. Excellent father, a professional, knowledgeable about his business, and a friend of his friends.

I have so many beautiful memories and shared memories. I met him when I just started my modeling career at @telemundopr.

Then we became friends because of the friendship that binds me to my dear friend and partner @ lapupo4you.

They were our accomplices when Gilberto and I began our relationship. We did that first outing as a couple with Eddie and Marilyn.

That many stories and pleasant moments we have lived in all these years. Friend, thank you for your love and friendship.

My condolences to my dear friend, strength at this time for you, your children, your family, and all your friends and colleagues who loved and respected him as much as I did.

I’ll stick with that last conversation we had three months ago. May this great friend and gentleman rest in peace, one of those from before, elegant in every sense of the word.#unamigoesparasiempre # tevamosaextrañar #qepd ”, Malagón published on her social networks.

For her part, actress Angela Meyer, who has worked together with Marilyn Pupo in television and theater productions, also reacted to the unfortunate news.

“Yesterday at about 3:00 in the afternoon I received a text that I would not have wanted to receive, ‘he has just passed away.’ Although it was very serious, death is something that we find difficult to accept. He was a very loved and respected man in the world of communications and a great human being.

At this moment I know that there are no words of comfort for Marilyn for the departure of her beloved husband. God give him strength and resignation. Fly high Eduardo Penedo. Pupita, I hug you with all my heart ”.

Yesterday at about 3:00 in the afternoon I received a text that I would not have wanted to receive, “just faceller” Although I was very …

Posted by Angela Meyer on  Sunday, March 21, 2021

Penedo, who worked independently through his company Lexiann, Inc, worked at Telemundo, TeleOnce, and Televisión Latina.

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