Actress Liliana Cuomo Dies At The Age Of 66

Argentine media announced the death of 66-year-old actress Liliana Cuomo, known for playing Margarita in ‘The Secret in Their Eyes ‘.

Last Sunday, the death of Liliana Cuomo, best known for playing the character of Margarita in the Argentine film, which won the Oscar for Best International Film, ‘The Secret in Their Eyes ‘, was announced .

Liliana Cuomo, a television, theater, and film actress who worked, among other projects, on the film by Juan José Campanella The secret of her eyes, died yesterday at the age of 66, reported the Argentine Association of Actors.

The actress, who was trained with Lito Cruz, Martín Adjemián, and Judith Wainer, participated in television programs such as Little Victoria, Soy Luna, Guapas, Las Estrellas, Nini, Son de Fierro, Ciega a appointments, El potero and, Para dressing Santos, among other projects from different channels.

Meanwhile, her theatrical career includes titles such as Molière’s The Imaginary Sick; The tenement of La Paloma de Vacarezza; Dollhouse, Ibsen, and A Streetcar Named Desire Williams.

Through Twitter, the director of said film awarded by the United States Academy, Juan José Campanella, released the news.

” Liliana Cuomo passed away, a great actress, great friend, and best person. They saw her in ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos’, ‘El Hombre de tu vida’ and ‘Entre Caníbales’ “, revealed the director.

Also, Campanella added that previously, the actress “had lost her son to the covid” and added that “sometimes the body says enough.”

” Liliana dear, I will miss your laugh very much,” concluded her statement on social networks.

The Nation of Argentina confirmed that the actress died of cancer, a disease that the director was unaware of despite the fact that she assures that they spoke a lot, except for the last few months. ”

We talk a lot, but we haven’t talked in about four months,” she told the Teleshow program .

The Argentine Association of Actors also released the news, adding that their work on television includes productions such as ‘Pequeña Victoria’, ‘Amar después de amar’, ‘Soy Luna’ o ‘Guapas’; and in cinema with ‘Un cuento chino’, ‘Sotto voce’, ‘Sólo gente’, ‘El derrotado’ o ‘Valentino’, among dozens of other credits.

In addition, she ventured into the documentary thanks to the production ‘ Balnearios’ and appeared as part of the music video ‘ Days of unemployment’ by the rock band Attaque 77 , also known for songs like ‘ Arrancacorazones ‘.

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