Actress Gladys Del Río Dies At 79

The national actress and comedian Gladys del Río, an icon of television humor of the 80s and 90s, died this Saturday at the age of 79 for causes that have not yet been specified. The news was confirmed this afternoon by her colleague and former partner in the Jappening with Ja cast, Eduardo Ravani.

“The national scene dresses in mourning, a life companion leaves. Rest in peace Gladys del Río ”, Ravani posted on Facebook.

Claudia Pedreros, daughter of the actress and Jorge Pedreros, also referred to her mother’s departure on social networks. “Today, Saturday, October 30, the great Chilean actress, wife, mother, and unsurpassed daughter, Gladys del Río, has gone to heaven. Heaven can smile because love brought them back together and now forever! The best marriage in the world, Gladys del Río and Jorge Pedreros. Thanks to life for giving me the opportunity to love her until her last moment ”, he posted.

A student in the 1960s of the Technical Pedagogical Institute of the State Technical University (UTE), she was one of the founders in that house of studies of Teknos, the university’s theater company, together with Sonia Viveros, Gabriela Medina, and Luis Alarcon.

Although he had various roles on the tables, in soap operas ( Facing tomorrow, 1982) and even in cinema ( Todo por nada , 1989), her most remembered participation was in the emblematic comedy program Jappening con Ja, which he joined the early 1980s, acting in three different periods of space (1983-1988; 1992-1999 and 2002-2004).

In her two decades as part of the cast of the program, Del Río gave life to emblematic characters, such as “Señora Pochi de Zañartu” from La Oficina; “ Tranquilina” (from the Alaraco sketch ), the mother of “Pequitas” and Maruja from the segment “La pobla”, as well as a remembered imitation of the entertainment journalist Yolanda Montecinos.

In 2013 she had been widowed by Jorge Pedreros, actor, musician, and also the founder of Jappening con Ja, whom she married in 1967. For several years there has been concern among those close to him about the actress’s state of health, who in the last decade faced various heart problems.

According to her family, Gladys del Río will be seen today and tomorrow, Sunday, October 31, at the San Francisco de Asís Parish, location 27 1/2 of Gran Avenida.

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