Octavio Aceves had been admitted to a hospital in Guadalajara for a few days

The seer Octavio Aceves has died at dawn this Sunday, at the age of 73, as a result of a kidney infection. As reported by a relative to the Europa Press agency, Octavio Aceves had been admitted to the Guadalajara hospital for several days, but he could not overcome the infection he suffered.

Octavio Aceves, in addition, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just over two years ago, which is why he himself decided to enter a residence in 2018, in Guadalajara.

The seer was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina, on November 12, 1947. His best-known facet was that of seer and parapsychologist, and he became very popular for his appearances on television and collaborations in written media. He published more than thirty books and even made movies. In 2011 he participated in the Santiago Segura film ‘Torrente 4. Lethal Crisis’. As he confessed to Lecturas, the seer has four careers, history, literature, psychology, and philosophy, two doctorates, and speaks six languages.

Aceves was a seer and advisor to many famous people, such as Carmen Ordóñez, and, as he said on occasion, also to Queen Sofía herself.

In the last years of his life and until he retired in 2018, he had financial problems to be able to maintain his tarot consultation, for which he had to ask for a loan. It was even said that, because of his numerous debts, his house in Madrid would have been subject to an embargo, something that was never confirmed. Octavio Aceves confessed to Lecturas, in January 2018, that, throughout his life, he was a man who had wasted a lot of money. For a time, it was her boyfriend Napoleone who paid her bills when he was in a rush.



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