Actor Claudio Martínez Dies At 56

He was hospitalized for coronavirus in intensive care at the Hospital Italiano de Mendoza; He was a theatrical reference and director of the National Harvest Festival

The actor and theater director, Claudio Martínez, died this Monday of coronavirus, at the age of 56, according to the Argentine Association of Actors. The theatrical reference was experiencing the disease at the Italian Hospital in Mendoza, where he had been transferred due to complications derived from Covid-19.

The local media point out that Martínez had diabetes and obesity, something that would have played against him when he went through the disease: last Saturday he suffered a heart attack that he eventually overcame.

When the news was known, spread by the Association of Actors, the fundamental role that Martínez had had in the artistic world was pointed out, which had been strongly reflected in his native Mendoza.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Mendoza also echoed the sad news: “We regret to report the death of the actor and director from Mendoza, Claudio Martínez, a benchmark of local culture.”

Martínez had an intense career as an actor, author, and theater director. Among the works in which he participated are Los compadritos, within the cycle of the National Cervantes Theater; Argentine postcards, Juana de América, Matar a Lencinas, and The classic binomi ”.

He was also recognized for his participation in the 1987 National Harvest Festival, called “Mendoza, mother of grape harvests”, directed by Cristóbal Arnold. In 2004 he was the director of that event called “Vendimia de nuevos soles” and, in 2021, he worked in the general direction of the edition of that Festival in audiovisual format.

In recent years, he has stood out for being the promoter of children’s shows such as Paper Boat, Abrapalabra, Camp Story, The Dreamcatcher Club, and The Playing Machine. In 2018 he worked on the movie Die monster, die, by Alejandro Fadel, and in the miniseries El anticuario. In recent months, he has been heard conducting the children’s program Curiosa curiosidades, on Radio Nacional Mendoza.

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