Your original Windows 10 license and forever from € 12.31, Office 2019 for € 38.39

Black Friday is the time of year we all hope to buy consumer electronics products cheaper, it offers to follow one after the other with the best prices of the year. And consumer electronics includes offers on Windows and Office licenses, so if you were waiting for Black Friday to arrive to buy yours, you can stop waiting, because next, we are going to tell you what the best pre-Black Friday deals are with huge discounts.

Having an original and activated license for your operating system and Office suite is necessary since it is the only way to receive the necessary security updates as well as the latest functionalities for both. In the past, many people resorted to unlawful ways to get this software, but today with the prices that we can find in offers like the ones that we will show you below, it no longer makes sense, since if you can have your original software for much less than what a video game costs you, why take the risk?

Get ahead of Black Friday with these Windows and Office deals

As usual, we are going to recommend the offers of the G2Deal store, a store specialized in the sale of original licenses that come from OEM equipment and have been reactivated, a lawful and legal way of operating in Europe since 2012 since it is considered that digital licenses have the same properties as a physical product and, therefore, can be bought and sold on the second-hand market without losing value or characteristics.

Here are some examples of the licenses you can buy in these pre-Black Friday deals:

Genuine Windows 10 licenses

The office suite Microsoft Office 2019 and 2016

Money-Saving Combos: Windows + Office

These are just some of the examples, but in the online store that we link you can find software of all kinds, including antivirus or other programs.

Are these licenses legal? From where they come?

We have already told you other times that the origin of the licenses is always the same: they have been purchased from OEM equipment in which it was incorporated in large volume and then reactivated, which allows them to be sold again at prices as low as those that you we’ve shown here, which is a huge savings over buying new.

Many times when you buy an OEM computer from a manufacturer like HP or Dell for example, the computer already comes with a Windows license associated with it (for example). When that equipment is discarded, the license can still be used since, as we indicated before, it is considered to have the same value as a physical good and, therefore, it can be used in other equipment without the slightest complication.

Thus, the digital licenses you buy have the same value for all intents and purposes as if you bought a license with a DVD of the operating system, with the mere difference that you simply will not have anything physically, but a license code in your email address (Keep it well because the licenses are perpetual, forever).

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