Yahir Cancino Cause Cause Of Death – What Happened To Him?

Sophomore Yahir Cancino, a junior varsity football player from Texas Dalhart High School, passed away, as he suffered from a head injury during a game. According to the family’s statement on social media. There are indications that sophomore Yahir Cancino was hurt during the Dalhart Golden Wolves vs. Sundown Roughnecks game on Thursday.

According to officials, the Dalhart High School student reportedly passed out during the game. He was admitted to the hospital and placed in the pediatric intensive care unit after emergency doctors failed to rescue him.

Community members also commented on stories that highlighted the incident’s background. They state that seeing how both groups cheer for the young athlete was inspiring.

The family of Yahir created a GoFundMe page to solicit prayers and financial support. “I believe in the effectiveness of prayer. I think miracles happen. Please keep us in your prayers. We appreciate everyone who prayed for us, the organizer wrote.

Yahir’s mother posted on social media on Saturday that her son had passed away from his injury.
In the message, Yahir’s mother pleaded for prayers for peace and healing for everyone Yahir had ever touched and for themselves. “Yahir was always about helping people, and we want to respect his memory,” his family said of their decision to donate his organs.

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