Xavier McClain Cause Of Death – What Happened To Him?

Mr. Xavier McClain, a New Jersey high school football player, passed away on Wednesday, days after he was seriously injured while competing in a game.

“Xavier had a major injury on September 9, 2022, while playing high school football. Since then, he had been hospitalized, and yesterday evening, regrettably, he passed away.

According to a spectator at the game who is not authorized to talk publicly, Xavier suffered the injury as he returned the kickoff for Linden during the second half. Stopped the action, and an ambulance was parked near the Linden sideline, according to the game video.

Ali Muhamad, a senior at Rahway High School, passed on the day after his father discovered him dead in his bed while trying to get him up for school.

On Facebook, Linden mayor Derek Armstead wrote, “Together we prayed for a miracle and hoped for a different outcome. “I have faith that God is wiser. He chose to call Xavier home to be with him since HE needed an angel. Thanks to your prayers, Xavier put up a valiant effort. He eventually died from the wounds he received while playing football during the LHS Tigers’ game against Woodbridge a few weeks earlier.”

Xavier’s family has our sincere condolences, says Woodbridge Superintendent of Schools Joseph Massimino. “We are devastated to hear this news,” he adds of his staff and students.

“This news hurts because I have known his parents, Lisa and Norm, for years (and) their two sons, Xavier and Andres, since they were young boys,” stated Mayor Armstead. My wife and I joined them, and our kids played together there.

According to Massimino, “Xavier was a lively young guy whose optimistic attitude left a lasting effect on all those he connected with in chatting with the football coaches from Linden High School.”



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