Who Was Morgan Tedder? Obituary, Cause of Death, Funeral

The death of Morgan Tedder, a junior at EBA, has devastated the whole Spartan Family. She died tragically, leaving everyone in shock, agony, and sorrow. Her death’s causes are still unknown because no precise information is available to the media.

If we search the funeral plans, we find that the Academy or other officials will also be announcing them.

Everyone remembering her paying her tributes and condolences over their social media:

“Many prayers are going up for The Tedder Family and her EBA family… truly a heart-wrenching day in our community”!!!

“Prayers for all who knew and loved her. Prayers of peace and comfort”.

Her family and the EBA family are in our thoughts and prayers. For everyone who knows her, this is heartbreaking. Many people will miss Morgan because she was such an adorable and nice young woman.

She was a bright light to everyone she knew and a clever, accomplished student. As stated by Edmund Burke Academy, “While our emotions are raw and our hearts are broken, we wish to depend on the Lord for aid and strength to get through this most trying moment.”

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