Who Was Laney Ladd? Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Laney Ladd died suddenly unexpectedly on Monday, December 19. The adoring name she was given by her parents, “Laney Love,” sums up how beautiful she was to them. She was the kindest big sister anyone could hope for and a fantastic friend to many.

The news of her departure was made public through a post that read: My cousin and his wife are grieving the loss of their brilliant and lovable 6-year-old daughter Laney and are going through the unimaginable.

The causes of her death are kept hidden. No information was made public regarding the funeral. Everyone remembers that lovely person and misses her.

She was a lovely ray of light, “Laney Love,” as her parents affectionately referred to her. Many have enquired how they may help during this awful and difficult time. The family has a GoFundMe account that Melissa Watson and Julie have set up for them to utilise as they see fit in the coming days. The Ladd family appreciates your love and support from our close-knit community and wants you to know they are receiving all of your good thoughts, prayers, and messages.

Erin, Jeff, and their loving family are willing to help anyone in need. Let’s come together to show them our love and support. The total amount raised as of this point was $50,220, nearly the $60,000 target set to provide funds to the Laney Ladd family to help with funeral and memorial costs.

She was a great friend to many people and the most devoted and supportive older sister, anyone, could ask for. She was a great friend to a lot of individuals as well.

Laney was always upbeat and cheery, and her laughing helped to relax others. She was exceptionally witty and intelligent. Everyone enjoyed her company because she was so entertaining. After her death, those close to her will never be the same.

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