Who Was Emilia Schoennagel? Obituary, Cause of Death, Funeral

We announce the passing of the daughter of Trustee Patrick Schoennagel with heavy hearts. Emilia, his cherished daughter, passed away on September 24 at five due to an unexpected medical event.

She passed away calmly in her parents’ arms after spending a few days in St Mary’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Patrick, his wife Melissa, their eight-year-old brother John, and numerous other family members and friends from all over the world, are left behind to mourn the loss of Leah, who her loved ones loved.

No information about the funeral has been made public by the family or authorities; we will let you know as soon as we learn more.

Trustee Patrick Schoennagel receives tributes and sympathy for his daughter from the people.

We will never forget Lia, she will always be at the heart of this charity, and we will continue to save and change children’s lives in her name ✈💙

The worst tragedy her parents ever suffered was the stillbirth of her brother Christopher, and Leah was born less than a year later. Since her safe delivery, she has spread love, joy, and laughter worldwide.

She possesses all the admirable qualities of someone who enjoys life and everything it offers: kindness, sensitivity, playfulness, intelligence, adventure, funkiness, artistic ability, and fierceness.

As we struggle to save and change the lives of children, Leah will always be in our hearts and minds. We shall never forget her.

The support shown to Patrick’s family at this difficult time is appreciated, and Patrick would like to thank everyone for that. He has asked that Lia’s honor donations be made to our charity rather than flowers.

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