Who Was Dyshea Upshaw From DD4L? What Happened To Her?

DD4L, the dance group is currently mourning the loss of another beloved member, Dyshea Upshaw. The group lost another beloved member. DD4L is one of the largest and leading dance businesses in the country renowned for producing great dancers and newcomers.

The group is based in Jackson, Mississippi. Miss Dianna “Miss D Williams” is the leading lady of the group. Moreover, in a special two-hour edition of Bring it, Miss D and Dancing Dolls were on the go for the mission; where they performed exciting majorette dance styles for young girls all across the country.

However, the great group is currently mourning the loss of their beloved group member.

Dyshea Upshaw was a member of the dance group DD4L; the country’s leading dancing brand. Dyshea possesses a bubbly personality, she had a positive team around her. Miss D and her other group members were influential and positive enough.

One of the DD4L dancing members releases a statement of grief in the following words;

“Our lovely Dyshea man, this hurts, we love you”. The dance world was quick to pay tribute to the deceased dancer.

However, the whole dancing community is in a state of shock. Moreover, no cause of death has been released by the family members or her coworkers. The family is working on the obuituary.

We offer our deepest condolence to Dyshea Upshaw’s family, friends and fans.


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