Who Killed Sidhu Muwasala? We Explain

Apparently, eight shooters attacked Sidhu Muwasala; and among them, Harkamal Ranu of Bathinda had been arrested.

Harkamal Ranu of Bathinda allegedly fired at Sidhu Muwasala; Harkamal Ranu’s family member claims that they have handed over their son to the honorable police of Harkamal.

Reports are that Harkamal Ranu of Bathinda who allegedly fired at Sidhu Muwasala had been arrested by the Punjab police.

“Before handing him over to the police, I spoke with Harkamal, but he has denied any wrongdoing and involvement in the crime.” Harkamal Ranu’s Grandfather.

It is said that the Punjab Police arrested eight people allegedly involved in Muwasala’s murder.

Satinderjeet Singh alias Goldy Brar who is currently residing in Canada; a Red Corner has been issued against him as he claimed the killing of Sidhu Muwasala. Moreover, the Red Corner was issued after Police finds out about Brar’s connection with two old cases.

According to our sources, Brar is on a student visa and went to Canada in 2017. The Punjab Police also claims that he’s also an active member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Previously, Akali youth leader Vicky Middukhera was killed last year and Muwasala’s murder is allegedly somehow connected to the Akali Youth Leader Vicky’s murder.




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