Who is Leslie Joanne Wayne’s Boyfriend, Double-Murder Reveal

Rapper Metro Boomin’s mother Leslie Joanne Wayne dies as a result of a double-murder, and cops are investigating the murder.

According to the reports Leslie Joanne Wayne was killed by his husband; the husband’s identity was kept private. Reportedly, the man was no longer his boyfriend he married her.

The man who kills Metro Boomin’s mother was not his biological father. It was a double murder as “the man who killed his mother killed himself too”. 

 No information on the passing of his mother has been received from the rappers side. But social media have been flooded with condolence messages from his friends and fans.

The in-demand hitmaker Metro Boomin, who worked with superstars like Drake, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Future, and Migos in an old interview said; “My mum is his biggest inspiration, she wanted to give me a name where no matter what I wanted to do I would be able to do that and she respects it.”

During the same interview his mom Leslie Joanne also said that I know “he hurt himself, this was the main reason why I supported him in music.” Here Leslie Joann is referring to Boomin missing his dad. Throughout the entire life-being, Leslie Joanne was loved and respected a lot by his 28 -years old. 

No major cause of that has been revealed the cops are investigating the matter.

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