Wesley White, Son of Mercedes Tidwell, Tiktok Sensation, Passed Away

Wesley White, the beloved and darling son of Cameron and Mercedes White of Walker, Louisiana, has passed away unexpectedly. It has left them in shock, wondering about his death. Specific details on the date and time of the death are not available for now.

This very heartbreaking news of Wesley White was shared and confirmed by his mother, who has been devastated by his death. She announced the news on social media. In that post, she shared the deep pain she is going through because of her son’s death

she stated that “I don’t even know what to do with myself. I can’t sit around. I feel helpless. Wesley lost his life this morning and I truly can not understand why this has happened. All I know is I have to put my baby in the ground. I can’t sit around and do anything else until this is figured out.”

What caused the death of Wesley White?

According to the reports and news that is available for now, her mother disclosed the cause behind the cute baby’s death was a sudden heart attack.

As soon as this happened, his family took him to the hospital. The cause that remains behind his death is this medical emergency that he had to go through.

However, the details regarding the funeral arrangements and memorial services of the baby are not yet disclosed by the family. They shall announce it at a later time.

GoFundMe Fundraiser

As this heartbreaking incident has happened, the family is devasted. Mercedes Tidwell, also known as “bookclubwannabe” on his TikTok. He has initiated a GoFundMe fundraiser for Wesley White’s burial services. The initial goal for the fundraiser was $30,000, and the funds have been raised to $25,151.

The fundraising page shows the family’s deep pain, especially the mother, is going through; in such case, your contribution will ease the family’s burden.

Who was Wesley White?

Wesley White was a resident who lived in Walker, Louisiana. He was the Darling baby son of the famous TikTok sensation whose name is Mercedes White. She is prominent and famous for BookTok discussions. His father’s name is Cameron White, a Production Technician at Rubicon LLC and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

The baby Wesley was the source of happiness and comfort for his parents as his parents described him as the shine of their lives.

The baby boy was born with the unique qualities. He h a humorous personality, which people around him enjoy a lot. His presence was comfort for people. He was the shine for his parents and the people around him.

The Boy left the world too soon, but this is what was planned for him. Friends and family are in deep pain, and as he has left us, everyone’s recalling his memory and cherishing the time they had spent with him.

As the family is coping with this tremendous loss, it is said that the lightest coffins are the heaviest ones. Now, play your part as a community and contribute to the GoFundMe page, which Mercedes Tidwell has set up to cover the expenses.

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