USA announces that foreign students with online caslses will have to leave the country

International students taking academic programs in the United States may be forced to leave the country if they are classes only online

Foreign students studying in the United States could be forced to leave the country if their schools only teach online and not face-to-face, according to an announcement by immigration authorities.

As in many countries, the coronavirus pandemic has led many centers across the US to suspend face- to- face classes and conduct them exclusively online. The prestigious Harvard University has already confirmed that the classes for the following academic year 2020-2021 will be entirely remotely. 

In this context, the US immigration authorities point out that the State Department will not grant visas to students enrolled in centers or programs that are completely online. 

The result, likewise, would be that students already enrolled in studies that are carried out remotely and not in person may be forced to leave the country, which would affect thousands of young people .

Alternatives to online classes

Thus, students who want to stay in the US should seek alternatives include enrollment in programs that are taught in classroom mode .

In June, President Donald Trump signed an order prohibiting the granting of visas for certain categories of foreign workers until 2021, with the intention of favoring employment among Americans .

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