He worked for both the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon administrations. He is one of the few Americans to have held four different positions in the federal government, not only as secretary of state but also as secretary of state, but also for the Treasury, Labor, and budget director.

George Shultz, President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state and a great architect of American diplomacy at the end of the Cold War, died Saturday at age 100, the Hoover Institute announced Sunday.

“One of the most important political strategists of all time, who served three American Presidents, George P. Shultz died on February 6 at the age of 100,” reported this institution linked to Stanford University in a statement published on his Web page. “Shultz played a key role, together with President Ronald Reagan, in changing the course of history using all the tools of diplomacy to end the Cold War,” added this institute of which the former secretary had been a member for more than 30 years.

He was famous for being a pragmatist on some of the major problems he faced while in power, The Washington Post noted. As Secretary of State to President Ronald Reagan, Shultz played a pivotal role in the dramatic easing of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union that took place in the late 1980s.

Unlike some of his colleagues in government, Shultz thought that Mikhail Gorbachev represented a deviation from previous Soviet leaders and pushed Reagan, against bureaucratic and political obstacles, to seek a more constructive relationship with the old adversary of the Cold War of the United States ”, indicated The Washington Post.

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