University of New Hampshire Student, Charlie Kavanagh, Takes Own Life

The University of New Hampshire faced a sad incident, which was a suicide attempt. This incident has left the community of the university in a significant loss. The victim who attempted suicide is also identified. That student has been identified as a very young, handsome guy who was just 22 years old; his name was Charlie Kavanagh.
The moment the news was out there, it left many in shock as no one was expecting any such scene.

Emerging Details

According to the initial reports, the student who has been found dead is linked with a suicide attempt; he attempted suicide for the reason that is still known. The officials are conducting a thorough investigation to understand what were the circumstances that surrounded his death.

Why did he commit suicide? For now, this is the only emerging question whose answer is being awaited. The university community is disturbed by this news because it’s not just about leaving a member of their community, but also that it affects the reputation of the university.

However, the information regarding funeral arrangements and memorial arrangements for young beloved Charlie Kavanagh is not determined. Of course, the family is still coping with this young death that has broken them.

Life of Victim Charlie

For now, there is not much detail available about Charlie Kavanagh’s personal life and accomplishments, as the family has requested privacy, as this is a very delicate matter to deal with. Although he was a dedicated student at the university, he was pursuing his education.

In the meantime, the main focus is still on why did this happen. Why is this suicide thing getting very common and an easy step for people to get on? This isn’t comforting. There would be something that was bothering Charlie and made him attempt this thing. Charlie is going to be missed by his university community and, of course, his close friends.
In the meantime, restrain yourself from spreading or uttering any hurtful thing regarding this case and patiently wait for more details to come public.

UNH Helping Student Policy

There has always been something students are going through, and they feel hesitant to share because one of the significant factors that affect this is the students don’t want someone to judge them, so they suppress their feelings and never share with anyone. However, the university has an attractive policy of helping its students, especially when they are in distress.

They have mentioned that

talk to your supervisor or department chair and contact the Dean of Students Office at (603) 862-2053 or dean.students@unh.edu.

Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS)

(603) 862-2090

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

(603) 862-2607

Health & Wellness

(603) 862-9355

Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)

(603) 862-3494

Student Life

(603) 862-2053

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