On July 4, 2020, as every year, Independence Day is celebrated in the United States , a day marked on its calendar as a federal holiday. 

This year 2020, the Independence Day of the United States falls on Saturday, so, as usual, the labor holiday is passed to Friday, the 3rd , although the celebrations take place on the same day, July 4. 


What is celebrated on July 4 in the United States?


Main streets full of people waving the flag of the United States, parades, gatherings of family and friends to spend the day, barbecues, fireworks, speeches by renowned people , different concerts … This is how Independence Day is celebrated in the United States habitually,

To know the reason for the party, you have to go back to the year 1776, when on July 4 of that year the representatives of the 13 colonies belonging to Great Britain, who today are known as the United States, signed what is known as Declaration of Independence. 

Thus, from the 4 July 1776, the United States was formed as an independent nation, as reported by the website in Spanish of the US government . In this way, and from June 28, 1870, Congress decreed July 4 as a federal holiday.


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