[VIDEO] Tyre Sampson Death Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

Tyre Sampson Death Video: The 14-year-old athlete Tyre Sampson fell from a shuttle at Icon Park (Orlando, Florida) and there is a video that, according to his lawyer, would show that his seat was not safe

Tyre Sampson was only 14 years old and had a whole career ahead of him in the world of the National Football League (NFL) when he got on the tallest shuttle in the world — 131 meters high — located in an amusement park in Florida (United States) and lost his life in an accident.

The young athlete climbed the Free Fall (which reaches a speed of 120 kilometers per hour), in Icon Park, within the city of Orlando. Initially, the local press did not rel, ease the identity of the minor who died in the tragic accident, but it was the amusement park itself that, after the incident, issued a statement confirming that the victim was an NFL player.

Some of the witnesses who were there at the time of the accident claimed that young Sampson fell from the shuttle and fell to the ground, dying instantly. As a result of the event, the Florida Police took over the investigation and the agents checked the safety of the seats of the attraction, according to WFTV 9, after several park attendees declared before the agents that they had seen how the young man he slid under his seat.

Sampson’s family has contacted a lawyer to sue Icon Park for negligence in the attraction’s security system. The defense, Bob Hilliard, has defined the leisure park as “appalling” conduct and has advanced to the same medium that there is a video, which is already in the hands of the Police, in which it is shown that the athlete’s seat is not it was safe: “It shows that the light under your seat goes out, showing that you are not insured.”

Tyre Sampson Death Videos:

Everybody showed the video of how this young man died. I want to show a video of how he lived.

( I did not know him personally) My condolences to the family and friends of Tyre Sampson everyone knew him as “Big Tick ” R.I.P

RIP Tyre A crowd gathered to remember Tyre Sampson tonight after he fell to his death on the Orlando Free Fall last week.

You can ascertain what happened to Tyre Sampson at Icon Park in this vid w/ inspectors on the scene.

The harness can lockdown in place w/ several inches open at the bottom for larger riders.

The ride’s drop must’ve shifted his abdominal weight upward, allowing him to slip out.

Reports Of Local Media.

Local media reports report that there are videos on social networks in which park visitors comment on the safety of the seats in this attraction, which unfortunately claimed the life of the NFL promise.

For his part, Yarnell Sampson, father of the player, commented to CNN that when he watched the video of his son’s accident he was paralyzed: “I’ve seen the video of my son’s fall, and I can’t believe it. My life stopped “.

In addition, the bailiff added at a press conference that the evidence indicates that it was all about a terrible accident: “based on preliminary investigations, everything indicates that it was a terrible accident.”

Sampson died due to his injuries.

Sampson, a Missouri middle school player, was killed in an incident at ICON Park in Orlando. According to the  Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the young man was taken to a hospital where, due to his injuries, he died.

Tire Sampson, according to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, was in Orlando visiting with family and friends.

The NFL prospect from Missouri fell off the  Orlando Free Fall attraction.

Sampson was an outstanding offensive lineman from his hometown City Garden School and his strong performances would have made him the starter at East St. Louis High School.

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