Tyler and Sarah Schmidt Died – What Happened? – We Explain

Tyler and Sarah Schmidt are among those victims who died in Lowa State Park.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation releases the victims’ list of the triple-homicide at Maquoketa Caves State Park, among them Tyler and Sarah Schmidt are two of them.

It was early morning when the shooting took place at Maquoketa Caves State Park campground in eastern Iowa. The shooting left three members of a family dead. It was Friday morning when the news broke on the internet, the news left the whole state morning.

The victims have been identified as Lula Schmidt, 6, Tyler Schmidt, 42, and Sarah Schmidt, 42. The family lived in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

According to the Local and state police, they said that they were found dead inside a tent at 6:23 a.m when a call was made to the authorities.

After the incident, the famous park has been closed. The investigation took place in the park on Friday. Mitch Mortvedt, assistant director with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation said that during the investigation the one person registered at the park was missing.

“Was known to be armed. That, of course, heightened our awareness as well,” Mortvedt said. The man, Anthony Orlando Sherwin, 23, was from La Vista, Nebraska.

According to Law enforcement officials, “Sherwin is said to be the person who shot and killed the three victims.” They are also investigating the relationship Sherwin and the victims used to share. The authorities are also set to perform autopsies of the people who died.

Apart from this, Gov. Kim Reynolds reacted to the shooting that took place at Maquoketa Caves State Park campground, he calls it an “unimaginable tragedy.” Additionally, the whole state is mourning the death of Lula Schmidt, 6, Tyler Schmidt, 42, and Sarah Schmidt, 42.

Although the incident was very shocking and unimaginable. We pray peace and prosperity for the departed soul, Tyler and Sarah Schmidt. Our deepest condolence to Tyler and Sarah Schmidt’s family and friends.

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