Tuane Rocha Is Found Dead In Her Home In Rio

A well-known figure in the Rio carnival, the muse of São Clemente Tuane Rocha died on Tuesday. The information was confirmed by the press office of the samba school. According to preliminary information, Tuane was found dead in the bathroom of her home in Rio.

There are still no details about what happened to the muse, despite circulating the information, which has not yet been confirmed, that she had suffered a domestic accident at her home. People linked to the dancer and also a businesswoman in the clothing business lamented on social media the loss of the muse.

“The Tuane of the networks, captivating, cheerful, muse of Carnival and owner of a remarkable presence. The Tuane da Razô, a woman who vibrated strength and brought us, love, brought delicacy, and a lot of daily sympathies, her affection, and her story inspired us. every day “, appears in an excerpt from the tribute published in the profile of Tuane’s brand, on the internet.

Tuane was the muse of São Clemente for at least six carnivals.

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