In a fact with which President Donald Trump seems to be softening his tone towards immigrants, and contrary to his initial position of opposing programs that benefit people without papers, the president announced this Friday that he will sign an immigration law, with the that it will legalize, not only the 750,000 DACA carriers , who came to the country as children, but other undocumented immigrants.

The announcement, which occurs just when the polls do not favor him for re-election, with less than four months to go before the November elections, was made in an interview with Noticias José Díaz-Balart, given by Noticias Telemundo , where Trump said that The immigration law that he will create will be presented in four weeks and will be given, through an executive order signed by him, that is, he will not have the force of permanent law, since he will not make his route in Congress.

“DACA is going to be exactly fine, we are including them, and they are going to be very good. In the next few weeks , soon, I’m going to sign an immigration law, which not many people know, I’m giving you a breaking news story, I’m going to sign an immigration law, “Trump said, after the Reporter will question him about the way his government has promoted thousands of deportations , unaware of the contribution that immigrants such as those sheltered by DACA have made as essential workers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m going to issue an executive order, I have the power to do it as president, and I’m going to make DACA a part of that, we’re going to put it in there and then we’re probably going to get it out, we’re looking at the legal complexities right now. But I’m going to sign a big law, as an executive order with (the endorsement) of the Supreme Court. Thanks to DACA’s decision, it has given me the power to do that, ”added the President.

The Republican explained that not only DACA bearers, whom he wanted to take away that benefit given by Obama, since his government began, and that the Supreme Court protected, will be part of the reform.

“What we are going to do is that this is going to be part of a bigger immigration law. It is going to be a very big law, a very good law. A merit-based bill, which will include DACA, “added the president, causing immediate annoyance among several sectors that reject that these benefits be given by executive order and not through a permanent law, and that it also be re-enacted. mention that those who have more studies or certain skills will benefit, since it would leave out millions of immigrants.

“One of the aspects of the law, which frankly nobody knew until now, because I had not told any other reporter, so you have breaking news, congratulations, but one of the aspects of the law is going to be DACA that will include a path to citizenship, “said the president.

And although the president himself has opposed the DACA starkly, in his new announcement he said that the Court’s decision to protect the 750,000 young people sheltered with that figure, allows him to have a new plan.



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