Tragedy in Texas: boy dies of a gunshot in the early hours of 2021

Authorities are investigating the incident as a homicide.

DALLAS, Texas – Authorities in Arlington, west of Dallas, are investigating the death of a boy who was shot in the head during the first minutes of 2021.

Detectives indicated that the investigation is for homicide and it happened when several people were dancing and one of them, who was carrying a gun, said that he accidentally shot himself and hit the minor.

At a press conference, the authorities reported that there are two detainees at the moment and the investigation continues.

The incident occurred in the first minutes of 2021 in a housing complex located in the 700 block of Washington Drive, where Arlington officers arrived after receiving several calls due to the sound of a gunshot.

When they arrived at the houses, they found no one. But the Grand Prairie police said they had received a minor with a bullet in a hospital in this city.

The minor was pronounced dead minutes later and was identified as Mesiah Taplin.

The mother lives elsewhere and was not present when the incident happened. The investigation continues.

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