Tony Navaid Rashid Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Tony Navaid Rashid, a well-known actor, singer, TV host, and photographer died after a heart attack. On November 23, 2022, in Pakistan, Lahore. His relatives and friends were shocked to learn of his passing.

On social media, the whole Lollywood industry respects him and expresses their sorrow and grief at his passing. Nadia Khan, a TV anchor, and Mishi Khan, an actor, were his friends. Mishi expressed her sympathies for the deceased on her Instagram page.

On her way to the funeral, Resham posted a video. She told her followers that Tony Navaid Rashid, with whom Resham spent a lot of time, passed away. “He was a source of happiness for so many, he would make people laugh, entertain them. I spoke to him yesterday only. We had a long conversation. He was watching an old clip of mine. He sent it to me, and then voice messaged me, then called me,” she said.

Due to his extensive knowledge of Pakistani cinema, Tony Rashid was a long-time entertainment industry member and was also referred to as the Lollywood industry’s encyclopedia.

Tony Rashid advanced multitasking from his work as a film journalist to his work as a photographer. Tony Rashid excelled in everything, from acting in films to creating content to becoming a well-known television personality.

Tony Rashid began his career as a cultural correspondent for an English-language daily. In 2006, Tony rose to fame as the sassy film reviewer of Malai Mary Kay, a section of The Nadia Khan show devoted to Pakistani films.

If we dig into his private life, there are no details online concerning Tony’s family, including his wife and children, because he withheld all family-related material. The actor avoided discussing his personal life on social media. Tony prefers to keep his personal life quiet.

He made a good living because he worked in the media, but we could not determine his specific net worth or earnings figures.

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