National Ice Cream Day: This Sunday we woke up with 28 degrees Celsius (83 F) but the thermal sensation is almost 30 degrees Celsius, so one way to cool off a little is to taste a delicious ice cream.

Americans have a particular taste for sweet and, ice cream offers that pleasure, in this space, we Latinos also have ours and what better than to combine it with fruits, many of these are tropical, neither very sweet nor very unpleasant, the exact taste. According to our palate.

So this day visit your favorite ice cream parlor, but we want to suggest one is special. In Louisville, there is an ice cream parlor named Panchitos. “We have more than 25 flavors of ice cream and popsicles. Flavors that other ice cream parlors do not have such as soursop, mangonada, piñón, tequila and even ice cream from Gansito ”, explains Alicia Ahuja Fabian of the Panchitos ice cream parlor and restaurant.

“We try to bring the flavor of Mexico to Louisville. We use natural ingredients so that the ice cream or popsicle has a refreshing or creamy flavor ”, explains Alicia.

And how this sweet day was born, because when Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, he instituted the day, although at first it had no greater echo, but then it became a custom that is now celebrated in the main cities of the country.

History also tells that ice cream in the United States was also enjoyed by George Washington. He was addicted to candy, the books state.

But without a doubt the ice cream cone came to revolutionize trying this delicious dessert and it was until the year of 1904.

Initially ice cream day was proposed on July 15, but then Americans designated it on the third Sunday in July.

It was in Saint Louis, Missouri where eating ice cream in waffles was invented, this after one summer an ice cream shop ran out of dishes to serve it and then Ernest Hamwi who came up with this great idea.

Amelia Warner– After graduating from NYU with a master's degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Amelia Warner mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.

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