Today is World Kindness Day 2020!

November 13 is celebrated every year on World Kindness Day or World Kindness Day. It is a day in which there is a global call to be happy and to make all those around us happy.

The origin of Kindness Day dates back to 1977. The idea of ​​dedicating a day to kindness was promoted by the World Kindness Movement (WKM) in Tokyo. From that moment on, many countries have joined this celebration worldwide.

The term kindness refers to the positive and constructive personal attitude towards other human beings, animals, nature, etc. It is a natural inclination to do good, especially for those around us.

The value of kindness is developed in each person in order to please and make those close to him happy. Kindness looks for the positive in people, of what happens, and in each case, it looks for the solution and provides the necessary means so that the bad does not happen again.

Kindness does not seek the cause of things but rather seeks to be the benchmark for understanding the situation or circumstances.

A kind person is one who accepts others as they are, without criticism, without why, without bad intentions. Try to see in each person all the good they can bring without judging their attitudes and joining that person to find solutions to their problems.

Since the beginning of the celebration of World Kindness Day, more and more countries have joined the initiative to carry out activities on this day to promote goodness among the citizens of the world, among which are: Canada, the United States, the UK, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, etc.

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