[VIDEO] The TRUTH Behind The DEATH Of Yeimi Rivera

The young woman went viral on social networks after circulating an explicit video of her. This is the history and the truth of said material,

Yeimi Rivera better known as “La Niña Araña”, is a Colombian minor who became a trend on social networks after going viral after leaking an explicit video on Facebook and other social networks, of her having intimate relationships with what could be her ex-partner, who allegedly caused her death. This is the truth about her supposed death and everything that is known about the case.

And it is that on Tuesday night an explicit video of a young girl of only 14 years, called Yeimi Rivera nicknamed ‘La Niña Spider’, began to circulate through Facebook, which according to alleged statements by her sister was released by one of the little girl’s ex-partners who was also the victim of threats and, despite the fact that they are recordings from 2020, this did not mean that the teenager went viral years later.

Although said Facebook video began to go viral on this platform, hours later it became Twitter trends to go through the different social networks. However, being a sensitive and intimate subject, the massive diffusion could have been the cause of the supposed death of Yeimi Rivera.

In social networks, they affirm that Yeimi Rivera passed away

After Yeimi Rivera’s video went viral, many Facebook users shared a post stating that “La Niña Spider” had died due to the social pressure that this caused her. However, some of these publications showed the photograph of Nicole Larreategui, another young Ecuadorian who died of other causes. That is why some Internet users began to suspect that the alleged death of the minor was false.

Faced with this situation, according to a YouTube video, Yeimi Rivera’s sister gave some statements about the alleged death of ‘ La Niña Spider’, pointing out that it was completely false since, despite the fact that the young woman feels very bad before the situation, this had not died.

And it is that apparently and yeimi Rivera is going through a very hard time in her life because the sister confessed that the young woman is locked in her room and that she is having periods of depression and anxiety, due to all the social pressure that the viral video caused, but also caused problems with family and friends.

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