India opens an isolation center after becoming the third country most affected by covid-19 behind only the United States and Brazil

The India becomes the third most affected country by the pandemic, overtaking Russia with 697,358 cases confirmed and has suffered the largest increase affected in the last 24 hours with 24,000 new affected, as has announced the Health Ministry of the country . The figures still remain considerably lower compared to the United States  (2.93 million) and Brazil (1.6 million). 

In New Delhi  , a gigantic assistance center was opened on Sunday to cope with the increased influx of covid-19 patients. It is a space dedicated to religious gatherings that has been adapted to treat patients with mild symptoms. It has a capacity of 10,000 beds , mostly made of cardboard .

Current situation

The country has undergone a de- escalation process that started on June 8 , in which the Hindu authorities have been gradually withdrawing the rules established during the quarantine since March 25 . India kept more than 1.3 billion inhabitants under the  largest and longest confinement in history.

India is in a critical situation due to the “incompetence” shown by local and national authorities, according to Efe, Dr. Souradipta Chandra, chief medical adviser of the European Union in India. “They should have injected a lot of money and made hospitals increase the number of beds, the number of doctors trained to treat the coronavirus, have more oxygen prepared. They have not done any of this, ” added Dr. Chandra. 

Currently, the country is still in phase one of the de-escalation, in which the opening of shopping centers, restaurants and places of worship is allowed, under a series of restrictions. The entrance to the second phase is not yet dated , so schools, subway trips, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, cultural centers and sports stadiums with large public attendance are still closed, and international flights are prohibited . 

The most affected cities are Bombay (west), New Delhi (north) and Chennai (southwest).

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