The FBI Released The Images Of The People Wanted For The Assault On The United States Capitol

The criminal investigation agency released some 26 photographs with the faces of those who caused destruction in the US Congress so that other citizens can provide information that leads to their arrest

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking the help of US citizens in identifying Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The FBI has asked the public to submit information, including images and videos, to help its agents identify the people who were “actively instigating violence.” And for this the agency also released photographs of some of the protesters who stormed the Capitol.

 assault on the United States Capitol

Shouting “Trump won”, hundreds of followers of the president stormed the US Congress after overwhelming the Police and causing chaotic scenes in Washington DC

Some of the 68 people arrested after Wednesday’s assault on the US government headquarters were due to appear in court on Thursday, and most of them faced initial charges of violating the curfew imposed to quell the unrest.

The assault by supporters of President Donald Trump forced members of Congress who were in the process of certifying the victory of President-elect Joe Biden to evacuate the cameras for several hours.

 assault on the United States Capitol

Followers of the outgoing president confronted the agents that made up the police security barrier and were repelled with tear gas

US Capitol Police said they had arrested 14 other suspects in connection with the riots, most of them charged with trespassing.

“The violence and destruction of property in the US Capitol building yesterday showed a blatant and appalling disregard for our institutions of government and the orderly administration of the democratic process,” FBI Director Chris Wray said in a statement. “Make no mistake: we will hold accountable those who participated in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol,” he warned.

 assault on the United States Capitol

The Justice Department confirmed that an established policy urging federal prosecutors to consider charges of “seditious conspiracy” for those involved in the anti-racism protests that took place during the summer would also apply to those who stormed the Capitol, breaking windows and stealing property.

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen “continues his commitment to the considerations of the charges” set forth in the summer memorandum establishing that policy, a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement Thursday. Rosen added that some of the agitators will face federal charges.

 assault on the United States Capitol

There were broken glass, broken doors and fights inside the Congress between Trump supporters and the police officers in charge of guarding the Legislative

“Some participants in yesterday’s violence will be charged today, and we will continue to methodically assess the evidence, charge crimes and make arrests in the days and weeks ahead to ensure that those responsible are held accountable to the law ,” Rosen said in a statement. .

At a news conference Thursday, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said most of the arrests were related to violations of Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s curfew, and included people arrested on the grounds. of the United States Capitol.

 assault on the United States Capitol

Some of the protesters managed to gain access to the plenary session of the House of Representatives and one even sat in one of the places designated for official speeches shouting “Trump won”

Several others were arrested on charges related to carrying unlicensed or prohibited firearms. The police had arrested 60 men and eight women for the events. Forty-one of the arrests occurred on Capitol Hill.

A spokeswoman for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia told Reuters that court appearances for those who were arrested and not detained would not take place until March and April.

 assault on the United States Capitol

On Wednesday afternoon, reports of shooting inside the Capitol became known, which was followed by the order of Mayor Muriel Bowser to decree a curfew in the city

The FBI is also investigating the discovery of two tube bombs that were recovered at the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic National Committees.

DC police said the bombs were authentic, and that they had also recovered a refrigerator from a vehicle on the grounds of the United States Capitol that contained Molotov cocktails.

 assault on the United States Capitol

Ultra-conservative US media downplayed the seriousness of the assault on the Capitol, evoking legitimate fury and blatantly accusing the far-left of having infiltrated the crowd.

Mayor Bowser said Washington DC police also intend to ask the public for help identifying the rioters, many of whom posed for photos inside the Capitol building and can be seen on social media videos without masks. .

While the number of people arrested is expected to rise, the initial number paled in comparison to the more than 300 people arrested by police following the June 1 protests in the District of Columbia related to the police murder of George Floyd.

 assault on the United States Capitol

At least four people died in clashes with the police inside the Capitol

In that incident, police and federal agents fired smoke canisters, grenades, and rubber bullets to drive protesters away from the White House, allowing Trump to cross Lafayette Square and hold a Bible in front of the historic St. Juan.

Law enforcement officers were harshly criticized for being too aggressive in Lafayette Square. Capitol police are now facing questions about why they didn’t do more to secure the Capitol building.

By Sarah N. Lynch (Reuters)

The FBI opened a special section on its website for citizens to send audiovisual material that allows the protesters to be identified

The FBI released 26 images of the people who stormed the Capitol to ask for help identifying them

Wednesday’s riots in and around the Capitol left more than 50 arrests and four deaths. In addition, several policemen were injured and two explosive devices were found

“The FBI is looking for information that will help identify the individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washington,” the criminal investigation agency explained.

“If you have witnessed illegal violent actions, we urge you to send any information, photos or videos that may be relevant to,” they added.

The crimes perpetrated by those who entered the Capitol could range from minor charges (possession of weapons, entry by force) to charges of sedition, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. In addition, there were countless scenes of destruction of federal property, which carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Following the FBI’s announcement on Twitter, numerous users responded with images of Trump, who harangued his followers before

the march to Congress, or lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who demanded a “trial by combat” before the protesters to resolve the unfounded allegations of electoral fraud

The images that have been around the world in the last few hours are still incredible: entrenched politicians and with gas masks, protesters installed in the offices of US officials with their feet on the table and the historic corridors of the Capitol invaded by armed agents , as if it were an American action movie

And although calm returned after a few hours, these images will be forever associated with the end of Trump’s mandate, which has not acknowledged his defeat for two months, an attitude that has caused a part of his own party to abandon him at the end of his career.

What had to have been a mere formality to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the elections, turned into an “insurrection” that “bordered on sedition”, in the words of the Democratic president-elect, when a crowd of Trump supporters invaded the Capitol, considered the temple of American democracy

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